Sound Services

Meet Control brings you the best with our Bose 502 Panaray© sound equipment. This system uses four slender speakers and two bass enclosures to surround your audience with nothing but clarity. Each of these speakers are less than six inches wide and less than two feet tall. Meet Control also has the equipment to professionally play floor exercise routine music. Through our custom built computer and sound system, we can play CD's, iPods™, MP3's and other forms of digital media. Also, our sound library offers over 80,000 songs so that in between routines and breaks, there is always live music playing throughout the venue and audience seating. We have the capabilities of having sound in many different areas that is all controlled in one single spot. Playing music (at the same time) on multiple floors is easy for us. We also offer professional announcing during the event including introduction, wish-o-grams and general annoucements. Professional awards annoucing is also available.