Scoring Services

ProScore Scoreboards

Meet Control offers a complete array of scoring software and hardware solutions for your competitions. Forget those hand flashers, we have three and a half complete scoring systems, fourteen electronic scoreboards that will flash the gymnast's name and score, thirty-two judging keypads, thirteen wireless interfaces, up to 8 different LiveScore© stations and more than a dozen computers to handle any size meet. With electronic scoring, the need for volunteers is eliminated from the floor of the meet. An 8 session meet, needing runners and score flashers at each event is 64 volunteers needed for your meet. Because the judges enter their own scores and the electronic scoreboards display the score, the flashed score IS the official score. AND, by utilizing electronic scoring, problems during awards are eliminated because the hand flashed score was displayed incorrectly. All of this reduces the number of volunteers needed!

Electronic scoring saves time at your event. Time saved means dollars saved. A proven precise schedule calculator that Meet Control invented is based on judges using electronic scoring. Since electronic scoring is faster for the judges then writing the scores on “stickies”, writing on the scorecard and handing the score to the flasher, many minutes are saved — minutes roll into hours. Also, since there are no inexperienced personnel sitting at the judge‘s table, the judge is not distracted with questions from the volunteer. The total time saved can enable you to add another session. More gymnasts can enter your meet. However, the main savings are the number of hours the judges are in the gym and a two and a half day meet can possibly be done in two days. Consequently, you save on lodging, food and staffing.

Visitors to your meet will appreciate the professionalism that electronic scoring provides. No more trying to see a hand flashed score from across a large gym, no more wondering if that was their gymnast‘s score, but mainly, the session takes less time and allows them to be in a gym for less time!

Meet Control brings a superior level of professionalism to any event.