Promotional Services

Advertise where it matters! Meet Control promotes your meet. No more snail mail. With the time it takes to print, stuff the envelopes, buy the stamps, address the envelopes, only to see money wasted when one third is returned for various reasons is a nightmare from the past. With an extensive email data base, Meet Control can promote your event in three different, effective ways.

Save The Date

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Save The Date — Several months before your event, a custom designed email promotion is sent regionally or nationally to notify possible attendees that even though meet season is several months away, your event is already being planned. It is a “little reminder” that busy gym owners and coaches appreciate.

Excalibur Cup Flyer

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Custom Flyers — Let us design your flyer featuring your facility, logo, all pertinent meet information and again, email it regionally or nationally. Along with the flyer, an excel entry form is included which eliminates entries that have been written on everything from napkins to cardboard. The key word is written. The entry does not eliminate all errors, but does eliminate trying to read bad penmanship. After the entry form is completed, it can then be sent directly back to the Meet Director. No more lost in the mail or “I forgot to mail it”! Deadlines for entries are easily attainable using the excel spread sheet.

View Our Newsletter

View Our Newsletters

Newsletters — Meet Control publishes a monthly newsletter that is sent regionally. Your meet can be advertised on the front page. Advertisement is one of a business owner‘s largest expenses. Along with that expense comes the question of which is the best form of advertisement. Email is by far the most cost effective and widely read than any other form.

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