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Gymnast's Certificates Certificates have proven to be one of the most prized possessions that an athlete receives. Specifically designed for your meet — logo, name, date — it is the gift that the athlete will never forget. Each certificate has the gymnast's name, four event scores and all–around, and the placement on each of the aforementioned. It is a scrapbook hit!

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Gymnast's ID Badges The second most prized gift that a gymnast receives is an ID badge. The gymnast's name, USAG number, age division and home gym are displayed. Another scrapbook hit!

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Coach's ID Badges Upon the arrival of a coach at check–in, the coach's credentials have already been checked on the USAG website. If the coach is legal, he/she is presented a badge with his/her name, professional number, and the expiration date of their safety certification and background check. If the coach is not legal, the coach must then present their credentials from USAG to receive a badge. ONLY personnel wearing the official credentials for that meet are allowed on the floor. Remember, it is a sanction violation for a coach to participate if they are not current and in good standing with USAG. Sanction violations cost money. An extra perk — the schedule of the meet is printed on the back of the badge, thereby eliminating the need to re–print hundreds of schedules that are lost at the meet. Either lanyard, reel or clip type badges are available. Staff and volunteer badges make it easier to identify personnel that are supposed to be on the floor. An organized meet does not have unnecessary people on the floor.

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Scorebooks/Scoresheets One of the unwritten rules at a gymnastics meet is that every parent must keep up with his/her gymnast's scores — and those of her main competition! Whether you want to compile a book of all the sessions or the scoresheet for each session, the choice is yours. The sheets are exported directly from ProScore and includes the gymnast‘s name, home gym, age division, and four events and all–around. Profitable for the meet host and a necessity.

Team Banners Don‘t want to give another trophy to gather dust? Team banners customize your event. From across any gym, your meet is identified as one that gym attended since you can see the logo and the placement. Any size banner can be printed — horizontal or vertical, first through infinity, and all have your event‘s name on it. There is no better form of advertisement for years to come. Full color, partial color or black and white — the choice is yours. See more team banner information on our Awards Page.

Large Signage Where is the concession stand? Where is the restroom? Where do we sit? Where is the awards area? Pieces of notebook paper made at the last minute are unsightly. Signage with arrows eliminates these constant questions. Signage can be used from year to year. It is a good investment, and again, adds that special touch that your visitors appreciate.

!If it can be printed, we do it!

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