Package Deals

Meet Control offers a variety of packages to fit the needs of any meet. Additional services are available, i.e. Meet Director, scoring only women, scoring only men, line-up cards, sound only or mix or match. Any of the below packages can be customized to meet the needs of your competition.
All packages are priced per session.

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Package Components

Scoring includes alpha numeric digital scoreboards and judge‘s entry keypads for a single set-up.
Sound includes a loud speaker PA system for audience and background sound and focused speakers for the competition floor exercise music.
Devices are defined as either a coaches‘ station or audience station. Coaches‘ stations include up to two computer monitors at a single location. Audience stations are either a projector or large LED monitor (TV size) in one location. LiveScore web is results streamed to our web-site during the competition (high speed internet must be provided). Devices are based on availability.
Gymnasts‘ certificates are designed specifically for your meet — meet logo, name of meet and date. Each certificate has the gymnast‘s name, event scores and all–around and the placement on each of the aforementioned. Certificates are printed on professional grade 8.5 X 11 cardstock.
Awards Sound
Awards sound includes microphone, loud speakers, amplifier and mixer.

Al La Carte Services

Additional services listed below are available and can be added to any meet package.

Meet Director
Be assured that if a staff member of Meet Control is your Meet Director, your coaches, judges and gymnasts have been verified. The Rules and Policies of USAG are adhered to in the strictest manner. USAG levies stiff financial penalties for sanction violations.
Competition Set–Up and Scheduling — Sometimes a meet appears to be an easy meet to set–up. Quickly, it can turn into a costly nightmare. With Meet Control in charge, all entries are sent to us. With our sophisticated meet calculator, the amount of time needed for level/levels is calculated, age divisions are assigned, and awards are totaled. After speaking with the meet host on preferences of configuration, the most cost effective and “friendly” schedule for coaches is set. The schedule is then sent to the attending gyms along with a roster of the gymnasts they have entered via our user friendly web site. After receiving this information, the attending gyms are instructed to send Meet Control any needed corrections, i.e. incorrect spellings, birthdates, missing USAG numbers, etc. These changes are immediately corrected and a confirmation is sent to the coach. Meet hosts can spend wasted dollars if a meet is not scheduled correctly. Overtime and undertime, either can be costly.
Scoring Only for both Men & Women competitions.
Sound Only for both Men & Women competitions.
Dislike rotation Sheets? We print gymnasts‘ Line–Up Cards

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