Judges' Contractual
Online Database System

In 2006, Meet Control developed an online contract system for judges. The system eliminated the need for printing contracts, copying the contract and sending two separate mailings to the Meet Director and State Judging Directors after completion.

The sophisticated system allows judges to log on to their personal page and with a few simple clicks, mark their availability for the entire meet season as well as update their personal information. Either the SJD, meet assigners or Meet Director sets a meet up on the administrative page. The judge being contracted, receives by email a notification, that he/she has a pending contract. The judge clicks on the website, logs in, checks the meet pending, accepts or declines, fills in the mileage (if Google has not already done it), mark your lodging needs and signs the contract. HIT SUBMIT. YOU ARE FINISHED! In a matter of seconds, the contract is accepted or declined and returned to the contracting agent. Can‘t memorize your USAG number or judge‘s number? Not necessary. That information is stored in your personal information and automatically appears on your contract.

Tech support is readily available for the administrators should the need arise. Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Michigan, Louisiana, Illinois, and Florida utilize the system at the present time. Assigners, this is a must to expedite your volunteer job. No more paper, no more word documents, no more headaches.

Judges' online contracts made easy!