Meet Control Services

Computer/Meet Set Up — Meet Control understands that this can be a tedious process for many, so allow us to use our expertise with our professional meet set up tools. We let you decide how you want us to set up your meet. We can create and easy Excel online meet entry form, specifically designed with your meet logo, that can be attached to any email, online flyer or your website. If you prefer, you can gather your entries and fax them to our toll free fax line or simply email them to us. Either way, your meet entries will be handled with proficiency and our extensive database and knowledge thereof, allows us to enter all gymnasts into a meet in a matter of minutes. All entries are then converted into our scoring software. This also allows us to coordinate meet schedules and post them in a timely manner. Meet Control can then send each club entered into the competition the following: gym roster, perforated handouts for every gymnast including their name, birth date, time and day of competition and the level entered. Also included in the packet is a map to the facility where the meet will be hosted, contact information and a thank you letter for attending. We have written a great deal of software aiding in the speed and accuracy of setting up a competition making all this easy on you! During the meet, we can quickly print rotation sheets and award worksheets.