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Welcome to Meet Control -

Professional, Organized & Reliable

Meet Control — "All Around Gold Medal Service". Meet Control is a gymnastics event planning service established by TG Hawkins and John Williams in 2005. The need for efficient and reliable scoring was seen quickly by TG and John when they first began helping with in–house competitions hosted at Starkville Gymnastics. From the very first meet hosted in 1999, Meet Control has been evolving; first simply helping with their local invitational, then helping friends with their invitationals, to now where the company does over 40 competitions a year. Each passing year brought more and better services — sound, LiveScore, gymnasts' certificates, badges (credentials), meet director services, meet set–up, awards, announcing and custom electronic fliers. With hundreds of competitions under their belts, no meet is too small or too large — one day meets of 150 gymnasts to three day meets of 2,500+ gymnasts — Meet Control provides the services a client requires. TG and John have traveled from coast to coast providing Gold Medal Service to their clients — Pacific Coast Classic (Oakland, CA), Classic Rock (Phoenix, AZ), Excalibur Cup (Virginia Beach, VA), Charleston Cup (Charleston, SC), Universal Invitational (Miami, FL), Level 9 Easterns (Tupelo, MS), Levels 7–10 Region 8 Regionals, Boys Nationals (Knoxville, TN), Boys Region 8 Regionals (Jackson, MS), Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee State Meets, Xcel Region 8 Regionals, Ozone Invitational powered by Flip Fest (Knoxville, TN) and Blues & Barbeque (Memphis, TN) are just a few.

Reducing Volunteer Numbers

Did you know that Meet Control can reduce the volunteers needed on a 6 session meet by over 50 people! Using Meet Control and its electronic scoring and professional sound system reduces the number of volunteers from over 50 to ZERO. The only volunteers you will need are your event timers, admissions, awards and setup crews. Judges assistants, runners, flashers, tabulators or volunteers for sound — none needed. Let the professionals handle these tedious jobs!

Automated Digital Scoreboards

Professional! How many times have volunteers flashed the wrong score? How many times has a parent tried to stop awards because they thought the score flashed was official? This problem is eliminated with our professional digital scoreboards and LiveScore© stations. The flashed score IS official. If the judge makes an error, the score is re-entered and the new score flashes repeatedly. The scoring system is then updated instantaneously alleviating errors. Having the right equipment is a must for today's competitions.

Meets Made Easy

Meet Control gives you the CONTROL at your next event. Send us your entries and all the headaches that go with them. We will compile, schedule, send competition information, handle all your scoring, sound, printing and even provide your medals. Not sure how to advertise your meet, well we can handle that too. The only thing you worry about is what's for dinner.